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Stage 1 Interior (For Light - Medium Dirt)

Starts at $220

  • Clean, vacuum, and shampoo the complete interior and crevices.

  • Condition all leather and vinyl surfaces.

  • Clean windows inside & out.

Headlight Restatoration

$160.00 for a pair of headlights

  • Headlights are wet sanded to remove, yellowing and cloudiness due to oxidation

  • Then they are polished and sealed to restore clarity for better night vision for safety

Engine Bay

Starts a $140.00

  • The engine is purged of dirty and conditioned to protect rubber and plastic  parts

  • Note: For older engines with chrome parts may need  polishing to remove defect and enhance look

Wheel Package

Starts at $600

  • Wheels are removed from the vehicle

  • Wheel wells purged of dirty 

  • Wheels are decontaminated

  • polish

  • sealed 

  • Waxed

  • Wheel wells are then dressed 

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