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Craftline Signature Plus

  • Full-service hand wash

  • Air blow drying of all surfaces and crevices

  • Clay bar surface to remove contaminants including paint, glass, and plastic lenses 

  • (Step 1)Polish all surfaces to remove fine to moderate hairline scratches and most surface imperfections which will add depth and clarity to the paintwork (85-90% of imperfection removal)

  • (Step 2) Finishing Polish applied to all surfaces to refine swirl marks and holograms which will add luster and maximize gloss

  •  (Step 3) 1 layer of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 

  •  (step 4) 1 layer of Zymol Concours Glaze is applied by hand 

  •  (step 5) Spray wax applied for final touch

  • Clean and detail door, hood, and trunk jambs

  • Clean wheel face and barrels, polished and waxed

  • Wheels are removed from the car Iron X, clayed, Polished and sealed

  •  Brake calipers degreased and coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum

  • Clean, degrease, and condition wheel wells.

  • Clean, strip old tire dressings and apply a rich conditioner to tires.

  • Restore all black moldings, trim, and window seals.

  • Clean, vacuum, and shampoo the complete interior and crevices

  • Condition all leather and vinyl surfaces.

  • Clean and polish all glass, gauge clusters, radio and navigation screens.

  • Clean and polish all interior wood or carbon fiber accents and trim.

  • Engine detailing. (TOP ONLY)

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